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We offer 10% student discount. Use the discount code STUDENT at the checkout. This includes university and college students, plus anyone under 16. We also offer this to anyone under the Blue Light card system (NHS, Police Force, Armed Forces, Carers, etc.)

Read below for escape room prices and info about the experiences we offer. 


Group of more than 2 in meltdown get a £1 per player reduction on these prices applied automatically when you book, as it is our oldest room it has a bit less visual polish in our escape room. It is still our most popular room

2 players – £40 (£20 per person)

3 players – £51 (£17 per person)

4 players – £64 (£16 per person)

5 players – £70 (£14 per person)

6 players – £78 (£13 per person)

The rooms can fit more than 6, but it’s a squeeze and can make it more difficult, but we wouldn’t turn you away if you wanted to keep everyone together.

Please call before booking to discuss this

CALL: 07725267479

7 players – £84 (£12 per person)

8 players – £96 (£12 per person)

Our Escape Rooms

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You are a team of scientists being sent into the lab of a nuclear power plant about to melt down. Can you complete the experiments, solve the puzzles and stop the meltdown? The situation is critical, timing is crucial and teamwork will be key to the survival of all!


  • Scientific theme.
  • Includes real-life Science experiments! Mix chemicals and manipulate light and dark to solve puzzles.
  • Communicate effectively and work as a team to escape.
  • An extra puzzle (hard mode) to challenge veteran escapees.

Time to complete:
60 mins.

Difficulty: Designed to be completable for most players, but still a challenge. We offer an extra tough final puzzle for anyone with enough time!

Horror level:
No scares. The room will be dark at times.

Safety notice: This room contains strobe lighting, please call ahead if you are bringing someone who is photosensitive and I will accommodate.

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A crazed xeno-biologist has commandeered an experimental prison ship and repurposed it into his personal laboratory. Your mission is to access the lab and steal a bio-sample before you are consumed the endless void of space or something else entirely


  • Alien theme
  • Inspect the guts of the ship using cameras and mirrors and discover what happened to it’s inhabitants
  • Use light, magnets and momentum to steal your objective


Time to complete: 60 mins.

Difficulty: More difficult than meltdown, first-timers will struggle here. WARNING! Technophobes beware, this room requires operation of a tablet and patience is required to complete the puzzles.

Horror level: The ‘alien’ theme and atmosphere might be alarming for young players. Blood and guts are modelled in the room.

 Safety notice: This room contains strobe lighting, please call ahead if you are bringing someone who is photosensitive and I will accommodate

escape rooms studend discount


You and a group of salty sea-dogs mutaneered from your captain to pursue a mysterious treasure on an ancient island. You found your prize, but your new skipper wasn’t far behind and has thrown you in the brig. Can you escape with your treasure, and your lives?


  • Pirate theme
  • Each player is separated from everyone else, so communication is critical. 
  • The puzzles reward teamwork and punish lone wolves!
  • Our most visually immersive room yet.

Time to complete:
60 mins.

Difficulty: Very difficult for a group that can’t communicate and work as a team won’t be able to complete this room. A switched-on team will find this challenging but fun.

Horror level:
The room contains skeletons and bones throughout, they aren’t horrific but might scare little ones. The room has moody lighting but the main lights can always be switched on. Each individual will be separated visually from the rest of the group, but you can still hear each other (hence, good communication needed!) 

Safety notice: You will be required to be handcuffed to a chain for most of the room. We have velcro handcuffs that are easily removed for anyone anxious about this. Our fire evacuation procedure is fail-safe and has three levels of redundancy so freeing yourself in an emergency is simple.



Escape Rooms are an interactive adventure game in which you and your friends are locked in a room and have to follow clues, solve puzzles, crack codes, and (hopefully) escape the room!


When designing our rooms, we try to think about how an escape room can be both a physical challenge as well as a mental challenge. 

That doesn’t mean you need to be physically fit, you don’t! But we try to have a hands-on aspect to all of our puzzles.

We are also rolling out “hard mode” challenges to all our escape rooms. These are optional bonus puzzles to tackle after completing the main objective (if you finish with enough time). These are purposely designed to be difficult ensuring a meaty challenge for veterans whilst giving new players less chance of failing the main objective. Plus it means everyone gets their money’s worth! 

Sound good? Then book a game!


2 players – £40 (£20 per person)

3 players – £51 (£17 per person)

4 players – £64 (£16 per person)

5 players – £70 (£14 per person)

6 players – £78 (£13 per person)

The rooms can fit more than 6, but it’s a squeeze and can make it more difficult, but we wouldn’t turn you away if you wanted to keep everyone together. Call 07725267479 if you want to talk to us about this. Also massage us on Instagram 

7 players – £84 (£12 per person)

8 players – £96 (£12 per person)

Though meltdown is still very fun and beloved by customers (see our reviews), it was our first room and our new rooms are a bit more visually exciting! So we are offering a little discount of £1 per player to make up for it. Use code “MELTDOWN” for this discount.

Not to be used in conjunction with our student discount code “STUDENT”.


Our online booking system accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express payments. Want an alternative method to pay? Give me a call on 07725267479 and I will see if I can make something work.

We have a card machine. Payments on arrival can be made by cash or card however they are made with managers discretion. Sometimes we need a payment in advance – especially if you’re booking at peak time – and we have had issues in the past with no-shows. Sorry! 


2nd Floor
4 London Road


S2 4LN

We are on the top floor of the ‘Chinese Fireworks’ building at the bottom of London Road. The entrance to our premises is located around the side of the building adjacent to London Road. 

We have a big yellow sign with The Lockup brand as well as a sign for Kip McGrath, they are our neighbours.


Yes, we offer a 10% discount off the total booking amount. Use the discount code STUDENT at the checkout to apply.

We also apply that student discount to under 16s.

At least one group member needs to bring an acceptable form of proof that you are a student, (NUS or ISIC card for example). ID must have a photo. If you are unsure if your ID will be accepted, feel free to call Liam on 07725267479.


As this is a live escape experience, we cannot accept cancellations made less than 48 hours before the scheduled start time of the booking. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please call Liam on 07725267479. Cancellation requests made with more than 48 hours notice will be refunded on the card that was used to pay.

The above rule also applies to amendments (e.g. if one member does not turn up). The Lockup may not have cash on site, therefore last-minute cash refunds cannot be promised.

If you want to bring an extra member, please let me know so the rooms can be modified to accommodate them. Be prepared to pay the difference on arrival.


In order to keep to a daily schedule of bookings, I would appreciate it if players could arrive at the front door at the scheduled booking time. This leaves enough time for toilet visits and to be briefed before and debriefed after the game.

If the team is over 10 minutes late, we may make the decision to cancel the booking without a refund, however, we may be able to change the schedule if we have notice. Get in touch and we will let you know how flexible we can be.

If you’re late, call us, most of the time we can be flexible but not always. Please understand, if we say no, it’s because of overlap with other bookings and COVID procedures. We don’t enjoy the ‘you’ve missed your booking’ conversation either, so please make sure everyone is on time! 


There is a modern toilet suite for customers. It is cleaned every morning.

There is also disabled access via a lift with doors wide enough for most wheelchairs. Some puzzles will be difficult to complete for wheelchair users, but there will still be puzzles that you can complete. There is also a disabled toilet available for use.


There is a private pay and display around the rear of the property on Beeley Street (next to ‘The Beer Engine’ pub). 2 hours costs roughly £2 subject to change. It is camera controlled, so make sure you pay on arrival.

The average booking session at The Lockup lasts approximately 70 – 80 minutes from arriving to leaving. 


Due to the other tenants in my building having children on site, my policy is that anyone clearly under the heavy influence of alcohol will not be permitted to enter the building. No refund will be issued.

The furniture is designed to be hardy and the games will not break with normal usage. However being too heavy handed can break things and cause delays later on in the day.

Anyone climbing or using inappropriate force will be warned and asked to leave if the behaviour continues.


In order to track the progress on the game, give suitable feedback if needed and to ensure the safety of my customers, you will be under audio and visual surveillance. The footage will not be saved.

We are mainly listening rather than watching for progress.


The ‘Meltdown!’ room is not designed to be scary, however, the room will be required to be dark at times to complete certain puzzles. There are puzzles which involve some team members being in tight spaces, so please let me know if any member of the team suffers from claustrophobia and I will ensure they are catered to. If there is a problem some players can “pair up” with others if they have anxiety about the isolation.

Our Deep Space Brig room has some red paint on the floor and a “corpse” somewhere in the room however nothing moves or jumps out on anything. It doesn’t get dark and the scares in the room are more from atmosphere.

Our Pirates! (working title) room is planned to contain some skeletons, but in a goofy, swashbuckling atmosphere rather than anything horrific. Some players can “pair up” if they have issues with being on their own.


The room is designed so that the puzzles require communication as a team rather than the intellect of any one individual. If a team communicates properly and works together, the game should not be difficult.

Not everyone completes the objective! Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail, completing escape rooms becomes easier the more you do!


Yes! And no…

The door will be locked, but should there be any issues (i.e. an evacuation or a personal emergency), the doors can be opened immediately.


All rooms can be modified and balanced so that any number from 2 to 6 players can be accommodated.

If you have a party of more than 6 players, it might be a squeeze, but it can be done.

We can accommodate larger groups across multiple rooms – again please get in touch before booking. Very large groups get a big escape room discount!


Our puzzles are not designed for younger children. Under 10’s may lose interest in the game, but we welcome families to come and play. If you have any questions about the games’ suitability, feel free to give Liam a call on 07725267479.

For insurance reasons, under 16s must be accompanied by at least one responsible adult (18+). This adult does not need to be a part of the group, just present on arrival. The adult can then go get a coffee or do some shopping for an hour, if you leave your number I’m happy to give you a call if the group are looking like they are going to escape early!

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