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No matter your group size or demographic, we’ve got you covered! And if you’re bringing a big group, get ready for an unforgettable experience. Here’s everything you need to know to make your group outing a hit!

Our comfortable capacity in all rooms is 6. Meltdown and Deep Space Brig can fit up to 8 players as they’re bigger rooms but that’s a squeeze. If you’re bringing more than 8 players you’ll need to book multiple rooms. It is better to get in touch with us via our contact page and let us know your needs, we are pretty flexible and can work around you.

This means we currently have a very maximum capacity of 22. We are building a 4th room so expect it to go up to 30 but we have no timeframe of when that’s going to be a reality.

For bookings of 10 or more players, we offer a special blanket discount at £12 per person. Please note that this discounted rate cannot be combined with additional discounts such as student or blue light discounts, as it’s already a deeply discounted price.

If we can, we will shift our booking slots around so players can arrive and leave at a similar time.

Due to our smaller site, very large groups may need to wait briefly in the stairwell during the briefing phase, which isn’t ideal but it’s what we have. Fortunately, there’s often a friendly dog on-site to keep everyone company. If anyone has an issue with the dog being there, we’ll make sure he’s in the office during the briefing.

We aim to have one game master per room booked to streamline the briefing process, but occasionally, one game master may oversee multiple rooms. Rest assured, this won’t compromise the quality of clues or service, although it might extend the briefing time slightly. We’ll make sure to give groups extra time if they request a clue while a briefing is underway.

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