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Escape rooms are a hit with youngsters, and we’re thrilled to welcome them! Kids always have a blast during their visit. If you’re organizing a party, we hope this page has all the answers to your questions.

We recommend going through this page with your young one and getting their thoughts on it. Let them make the call! It’s important they understand that this isn’t just playtime—it’s a thinking adventure. Success is in their hands!

First off, when you make your booking, make sure you’ve entered the code STUDENT in the voucher code box to get 10% off. We offer the student discount to groups containing under-16s (nope, you can’t double this up with the blue light discount, sorry!).

If you’re planning a family outing, please note that children aged 7 and under might not fully engage with the experience. Don’t worry, we won’t charge for them. Plus, they can assist with padlocks to get them involved.

Room 1: Meltdown


For our Meltdown experience, we typically recommend kids aged 12 and up. However, younger ones can join depending on their maturity, enthusiasm, and teamwork skills. While our rooms aren’t specifically designed for kids, we’ve included simplified versions of puzzles to make the experience smoother for them.

Room 2: Deep Space Brig


Deep Space Brig is a bit more difficult, especially for under 16s but still doable if they’re mature teenagers. The scares can be turned off on request when you arrive. If they want them on, but we will turn them off mid-experience if we feel like the tension is getting in the way of their puzzle solving.

Room 3: Mutiny


Mutiny is a challenging room that demands strong teamwork and coordination, which can be quite a challenge for kids. We highly recommend Mutiny for ages 15 and up. We’ve had some pretty catastrophic moments in there, so consider yourself warned!

Participant numbers

Maximum comfortable in all rooms is 6. Meltdown and Deep Space Brig can fit up to 8 players as they’re bigger rooms. Kids are smaller and fit better though so it’ll be less crowded. If you’re bringing more, than 8 you’ll need to book multiple rooms. Check out our page on multiple rooms here.


We’re generous with clues and won’t hold back if you need them, but we also won’t give away all the answers. The players need to put in the bulk of the effort—that’s part of the challenge! We’ve had groups before who’ve struggled and only managed to solve half the room. It’s all part of the game when you sign up for an escape room!


While our puzzles are built to be sturdy, we don’t tolerate any rough handling of our property. No force is required to solve our puzzles, and we’ll kindly ask guests to calm down if they’re overly excited and causing damage. Additionally, please be mindful of noise levels and language, as we have thin walls and multiple bookings running simultaneously. Excessive noise and inappropriate language will not be tolerated.


While we don’t require an adult to accompany participants, especially with younger groups, we highly recommend it for extra guidance. It enhances their experience! Supervising adults won’t be charged, as we aim to provide the best experience possible, and your support helps achieve that. When booking, please exclude supervising adults from the participant count and let us know they’ll be accompanying the group when you arrive.

Adults accompanying arriving participants don’t need to wait on-site. They’re welcome to go grab a coffee or do some shopping nearby and we will ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

The Dog

You might get to meet our friendly and playful corgi, Hovis, during your visit! However, he’s not always around as we take him on walks throughout the day. Hovis loves kids! If he’s on-site, we’ll check with everyone upon arrival if they’re comfortable with dogs. If anyone has anxieties, we’ll happily keep Hovis in the office.

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