room 2:

deep space brig



A crazed xeno-biologist has commandeered an experimental prison ship and repurposed it into his personal laboratory. Your mission is to access the lab and steal his latest experiment, before you are consumed the endless void of space, or something else entirely…


2 Players

£24 per player

3 Players

£22 per player

4 Players

£20 per player

5 Players

£18 per player

6 Players

£16 per player

7 Players

£15 per player

8 Players

£15 per player

2-8 Players


Bonus Objectives:

Scare Factor:

Scare-free mode available!

Scare-free mode Available!

In Deep Space Brig, expect eerie sounds and suspenseful moments that might make you jump. You’ll be alone in the room (no human actors), but scary sounds are automatically triggered to enhance the experience. If you prefer, you can request to have these aspects turned off upon arrival. However, please note that we can’t deactivate physical props or the unsettling atmosphere created by the room’s theme.

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