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Thank you for your booking. Please follow the link below to view our quick guide to game day. It is your responsibility to share this information with all members of your group so that everyone knows where and when to arrive.

Remember, arriving late can result in your booking being canceled without a refund. Ensure that everyone arrives on time. Factors like heavy traffic, parking, walking to the venue, locating the front door, getting lost, or forgetting to pay for parking can all cause delays and disrupt our schedule. These are not valid excuses for being late. Most people have google maps for navigation, traffic and travel times, everyone needs to be prepared for game day.

Check and see if match-day traffic will be a factor.

Contact us.

If you have any questions or requests, you can send an email to If you need urgent assistance then call or text Liam, the manager, on 07725267479.


Put “4 London Road, S2 4LN” into google maps. It points to our front door. We are about 20 minutes walk away from the train and bus station. Locals will know the “Chinese Fireworks” building. We are on the top floor of it, the entrance is the glass door on the left side of the fireworks shop.


Beeley Street car park (S2 4LP) It is in between The Beer Engine and the Shell petrol station costs £3 for 2 hours, and accepts card payments. Budget about 5 minutes to park up, pay up and walk around to our front door. The Waitrose nearby allows 2 hours parking from entering the car park to leaving it, read the signs in the car park for the terms.


You are expected to arrive at the time specified in your booking and on the calendar. Unlike some escape rooms that request guests to arrive 10 minutes early, we do not. If you arrive on time, we will provide sufficient time for you to visit the bathroom and use the lockers. While it is preferable to be early rather than late, please note that arriving too early may result in being asked to wait in the stairwell due to our limited waiting area.

Additional Needs?

Get in touch with Liam on 07725267479. Are you bringing a dog? Are there any wheelchair users attending? Anything special that you’ll need us to provide? Get in touch with Liam on 07725267479. and we welcome any opportunity to accommodate but we ask that you give us some notice to stop any delays.

Additional Needs?

Any alterations made within 48 hours of the booking start time will be accommodated without question. Changes requested after this period will not be accepted. Except for increasing the number of players, in which case the difference can be paid upon arrival. As per company policy, no refunds will be issued for any reason after this notice period, even if the booking was made within the 48-hour window. When you reserve a room, we block that time slot and arrange staffing accordingly, so last-minute refunds will never be permitted.

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